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Elizabeth the demon vesion is back, so are wings14 Apr 2017
Hello! ^^ We're happy to announce that we a...
Wings temporarily unavailable19 Feb 2017
Hi ^^ Wу are sorry to announce that it is ...
New Cats 11 Dec 2016
Hello! ) We are happy to introduce our new ...
Elizabeth basic06 Oct 2015
Hello! We are happy to announce that Elizab...
New Doll14 Jun 2015
We are happy to release a new Akabara Studio do...


      Laura the Lady Cat                  Constance the Lady Cat



Elizabeth the Little Demon              Elizabeth the Elf

Iliris A           Iliris B           Darryl A

                Iliris A                                           Iliris B                                       Darryl A

  Darryl B

   Darryl B



Jessie the Donkey                             Esperanza the Cat                 Prospero the Cat


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